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Today there is a growing awareness that Canada’s socio-economic well-being is linked to a progressive workforce skills development strategy. There is a return on investment in human capital for organizations that successfully navigate workplace change. CM&A assists Business, Labour and Government clients in identifying and addressing human resource challenges in the world of work.

Carol MacLeod & Associates Inc. (CM&A) has a track record of success in crafting workplace learning solutions that strategically address each client’s unique human resource interests and priorities. CM&A is widely recognized for its expertise in Essential Skills, Occupational Analysis and Trades & Apprenticeship.

CM&A is fuelled by the vision and talent of Carol MacLeod—who draws on the intellectual rigour of a graduate degree from Harvard University and over 25 years of practical experience. Throughout her career she has worked and travelled extensively in all provinces/territories and is intimately familiar with the Canadian mosaic.

Prior to launching CM&A in 1993, Carol spent 10 years with the Canadian Federation of Labour, including six years as National Coordinator of Education. She earned the degree of Master of Education from Harvard University as well as a B.A. Communications and Certificate in Labour Management Relations from the University of Ottawa.

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